What Questions Do You Ask on First Dates

What Questions Do You Ask on First Dates?

So, you’ve finally decided to step out and start dating again.

But it’s been so long since you last dated that you’ve forgotten how to even communicate.

Going on dates can be both exciting and nerve-wracking both at the same time.

And at a time when most of your communications are through texts, getting into talking again can feel a bit awkward for the introvert inside you.

But this is all beside the point.

You’re finally out and about with your partner on a date night and the thought finally hits you, it’s eerily quiet.

A good date needs fluid engaging conversations, connection, and good food, and you have nothing to say…

So, how do you keep the conversation going? What questions do you ask of your first date?

If you’re in this type of situation, then you’re not alone.

It’s completely normal to be nervous for your first date in a while.

Good relations can be hard to find and getting into the dating scene after a long time can feel somewhat scary.

But there is some good news for you, there are some steps you can take to prepare for your date and improve your chances of making a good impression.

And, keeping a list of questions tucked in your purse can help you get to know your date and have a wholesome and engaging conversation with them.

How Do You Even Start Making Conversation of Your First Date?

Hey, you cannot just start droning about things while on a date.

There are some things you need to keep in mind while making small talk with your partner.

Here is a checklist that will help you start making good conversation to make your date that much fun and interesting.

Tips for Making Conversation on a First Date

1. Keep It Light and Fun

First dates are all about getting to know each other without diving too deep into heavy or controversial topics. Keep the conversation light and fun to avoid any awkward moments.

2. Avoid Controversial Topics

Steer clear of topics like politics, religion, and past relationships. These can quickly become heated or uncomfortable.

3. Listen Actively

Remember, a conversation is a two-way street. Show genuine interest in your date’s responses and avoid dominating the conversation.

first date icebreaker questions

The Icebreaker

Ok, now that you’re out, you cannot just sit around staring at your partner in awkward silence.

You need something that will help you break the ice on the conversation.

Start by asking them things like “Where Did You Grow Up?” or “Do You Have Any Siblings?”.

Talking about family life and their childhood is not only a good conversation starter, it is also a way to get to know your partner better.

There are just so many ways to break the ice in a conversation.

For example, questions like “What’s Your Favorite Hobby?” is a pretty awesome way that can help you find something common you both are comfortable talking about.

And finally, now that you’ve broken the ice on your first date the rest is pretty easy.

But, if you’re an introvert like me here is a list of some common conversation questions to ask on your first date:

Questions About Interests and Hobbies

Understanding what your date enjoys can help you find common ground and potential activities for future dates.

  • What Do You Enjoy Doing in Your Free Time?
    This question gives insight into their interests and how they like to spend their time.
  • Are You Into Any Sports?
    Whether they play sports or are just fans, this can be a fun topic to explore.
  • What’s Your Favorite Book or Movie?
    Discussing books and movies can lead to a deeper understanding of each other’s tastes and preferences.

Career and Ambitions

Career and ambitions can say a lot about a person’s drive and future plans.

  • What Do You Do for a Living?
    This is a standard question that helps you understand their daily life and profession.
  • Do You Enjoy Your Job?
    Knowing whether they are passionate about their job can be telling of their overall happiness and fulfillment.
  • What Are Your Career Aspirations?
    This question can reveal their ambitions and where they see themselves in the future.

Travel and Adventure

Travel stories can be exciting and reveal a person’s sense of adventure.

  • Have You Traveled Anywhere Recently?
    Travel experiences can be fascinating to hear about and can spark further conversation.
  • What’s Your Dream Vacation Destination?
    This question can uncover their travel aspirations and perhaps even inspire a future trip together.
  • Do You Prefer Beaches or Mountains?
    Knowing their preference can tell you a lot about their personality and relaxation styles.

Food and Drink Preferences

Food is a universal topic that everyone has an opinion on.

  • What’s Your Favorite Cuisine?
    Discussing favorite foods can be a fun and tasty topic.
  • Are You a Coffee or Tea Person?
    This simple question can lead to a light-hearted discussion about daily habits and preferences.
  • Do You Like to Cook?
    If they enjoy cooking, it could be a great idea for a future date activity.

Music and Entertainment

Music and entertainment preferences can say a lot about a person’s taste and personality.

  • What Kind of Music Do You Like?
    Music is a great way to connect and might even lead to shared favorite bands or genres.
  • Have You Been to Any Concerts Recently?
    Concert experiences can be exciting to share and might even reveal some fun stories.
  • What’s Your Favorite TV Show?
    Talking about TV shows can lead to interesting discussions about genres and storytelling.

Personal Values and Beliefs

Understanding a person’s values and beliefs can help you see if you’re compatible.

  • What’s Important to You in Life?
    This question can reveal their priorities and what they value most.
  • How Do You Spend Your Weekends?
    Weekend activities can give you insight into their lifestyle and interests.
  • Do You Have Any Life Goals?
    Life goals can tell you about their ambitions and long-term plans.

Funny and Light-hearted Questions

Sometimes, it’s good to keep things light and humorous.

  • What’s the Funniest Thing That’s Happened to You Recently?
    This can lead to a good laugh and lighten the mood.
  • Do You Have Any Hidden Talents?
    Hidden talents can be surprising and fun to discover.
  • If You Could Have Any Superpower, What Would It Be?
    This whimsical question can lead to a fun and imaginative conversation.

Questions About Relationships

Since you’re on a date, it’s natural to touch on relationship topics.

  • What Do You Look for in a Partner?
    This question can reveal their expectations and what they value in a relationship.
  • What’s Your Idea of a Perfect Date?
    Knowing their ideal date can give you ideas for future outings.
  • How Do You Feel About Long-term Relationships?
    Understanding their view on long-term relationships can help you see if your goals align.

Deeper and Reflective Questions

If things are going well, you might want to delve a bit deeper.

  • What’s the Most Important Lesson You’ve Learned in Life?
    This can lead to a meaningful conversation about personal growth and experiences.
  • How Do You Handle Stress or Difficult Situations?
    Understanding how they cope with challenges can be insightful.
  • What Are You Most Proud Of?
    This question can uncover their achievements and what they value most about themselves.

Hypothetical and Fun Scenarios

Hypothetical questions can be entertaining and revealing.

  • If You Won the Lottery, What Would You Do First?
    This can show their priorities and dreams.
  • If You Could Live in Any Era, Which Would You Choose?
    Discussing different eras can lead to fascinating conversations about history and preferences.
  • What Would Be Your Dream Job If Money Wasn’t an Issue?
    This question can reveal their passions and what they truly enjoy doing.

First dates are all about getting to know each other in a relaxed and enjoyable way.

By asking the right questions, you can ensure that the conversation flows smoothly, both of you have a good time, and you learn whether there’s potential for a future together.

Remember to be yourself, listen actively, and most importantly, have fun!

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